Friday, August 13, 2010

SyncTeX support in Gnome 2.32

In the 2.32 release, Gnome is getting SyncTeX support. For those of you that don't use LaTeX, SyncTeX is a method (created by Jêrome Laurens) that enables synchronization between the TeX source file and the resulting Pdf or Dvi output. Here the required screencast.

So to implement SyncTeX in Gnome, together with Carlos Garcia Campos we added SyncTeX support to evince and exported a new DBUS API so editors can communicate with Evince. Next, I added a "synctex" plugin for gedit, to use the DBUS API exported by Evince. We support both Backward Search (Evince to Gedit synchronization) and Forward Search (Gedit to Evince synchronization).

We also added a new modeline parser, so if you add a complex project with several TeX files you can put
% mainfile: mainfile.tex
either in the first or last three lines of each included TeX file, and ForwardSearch will just work (BackwardSearch should always work, even if you don't add the modeline).